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Toilet paper just moves poop around, bidets just rinse you, wet wipes are effective but come at a cost to plumbing, the environment and your skin. BidetBalm is the new solution to bathroom hygiene!

Made with all-natural ingredients, BidetBalm is formulated to remove leftover poop residue gently and effectively. Use less toilet paper AND get a better clean with BidetBalm. For more info, check out our FAQs.

Swirl a light coating of BidetBalm onto clean toilet paper to use on your final wipe(s).

Each $16.99 tin is enough to last 2 months for an average daily pooper.

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ditch the dry toilet paper

got the itchies?

Did you know: both over- and under-cleaning can cause anal irritation? It's estimated that 2-5% of the population has pruritus ani, aka "itchy butt." Zealous over-cleaning can even lead to PAS (Polished Anus Syndrome - it's a thing, Google it!). Added to toilet paper, all-natural BidetBalm gently and effectively cleans with less friction, helping to break the cycle of irritation.

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Made with conscientiously-sourced, all-natural ingredients oils and beeswax. No additives, fragrances or artificial preservatives. Cruelty-free. Made in the USA. See more about the ingredients in our FAQs.

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