frequently asked questions

What is BidetBalm?

BidetBalm is an all-natural bum cleansing balm – a new concept in bathroom hygiene. It’s like a face cleansing balm but for your bum. And because BidetBalm is made up of oils comprised of fatty acids that are light and easily absorbed, there’s no greasy residue.

Applied with toilet paper during your final wipe(s), BidetBalm gently soothes and cleanses your bum after nature calls.

What's in it?

BidetBalm is made with a special blend of oils, botanicals and natural beeswax – all conscientiously sourced and handcrafted in the USA.

Each of the following ingredients was specifically selected for its naturally beneficial properties:
– sunflower seed oil
– pure beeswax from American apiaries
– coconut-derived MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides)
– hemp seed oil
– golden jojoba seed oil
– camelina seed oil
– rice bran oil
– sunflower-derived Vitamin E oil
– lavender spica essential oil
– calendula CO2 extract

How do I use it?

Ditch the dry toilet paper! Swirl a light coating of BidetBalm onto clean toilet paper to use on your final wipe/wipes. BidetBalm removes any leftover residue without the need to aggressively rub your butt clean. Save some trees (use less TP), save your strength (no muscle needed), save your delicate pooper (be kind to your behind).

How does BidetBalm compare to what I currently use?

If you use a bidet: Congrats! You’re ahead of the game. Bidets have been shown to be effective at cleaning poop better than toilet paper alone, but not everyone has easy access. Even if you’ve installed one at home, you’re out of luck if nature calls while you’re away (at work, or your honey’s pad, or running errands, or on safari…you get the gist). And while you need to wipe dry after using a bidet to remove moisture, which can contribute to tissue breakdown and bacterial overgrowth, BidetBalm cleans without water so it leaves no trace moisture behind.

If you currently use flushable wipes — Your intentions are good but you’re really doing a disservice to plumbing, the environment and your bootyhole. “Flushable wipes” still pose a problem to plumbing because they don’t readily disintegrate. Even those that have been engineered to degrade still pose a problem immediately after flushing once they hit a 45-degree angle in the pipes. The consensus from plumbers and municipal wastewater treatment plants is that nothing but toilet paper should be flushed.

If you currently just use toilet paper — No judgement here but you’re likely walking around with a layer of doodoo that’s been spread around by old-fashioned TP. And while TP spritzed with a dose of water is definitely better than dry TP alone, poop tends to have a fat content of 10-20%. We all know that water and oil don’t mix, so some fecal matter gets left behind. Just as fancy oil-based cleansers remove crud from your face, BidetBalm removes crud from your rear. It’s science.

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