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Tidy Your Tushy


The original all-natural bum cleansing balm.
You won’t feel clean without it.

How Clean is Your Booty?

Toilet paper just moves poop around, bidets just rinse you, wet wipes are effective but come at a cost to plumbing, the environment and your skin. BidetBalm is the new solution to bathroom hygiene!

Made with all-natural ingredients, BidetBalm is formulated to remove leftover poop residue gently and effectively. Use less toilet paper AND get a better clean with BidetBalm. For more info, check out our FAQs.

Swirl a light coating of BidetBalm onto clean toilet paper to use on your final wipe(s).

Each $17.99 tin is enough to last 2-3 months for an average daily pooper.

Ditch The Dry Toilet Paper

Let’s face it – toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it. Those perforated squares of 40-grit sandpaper can wreak havoc on your tushy after nature calls.

And if that’s all you use, no judgment here but you’re likely walking around with a layer of doodoo between your cheeks that TP helped spread around.

Clean and soothe that dirty derrière by adding a light schmear of BidetBalm to your toilet paper before your final wipe.

Other Options

What about those “flushable” wipes? Pretty convenient but they’re terrible on plumbing, the environment and your delicate pooper (ask any plumber, waste water treatment operator or gastroenterologist)!

If you use a bidet, you’re ahead of the game. They’re better than wet wipes or TP alone but, at the end of the day, bidets just rinse you off. If a bird pooped on you, you wouldn’t just rinse, so why just rinse after pooping on yourself? 🤯

Try all natural BidetBalm for your at home or on-the-go “go”. Get confidently clean while using less TP to get the job done.

Easy to Use


First pass is with toilet paper as usually

Let dry TP alone do the heavy lifting


Swirl clean TP onto surface of BidetBalm

You don’t need much, just a light coat


Proceed with final wipe (repeat if needed)

It won’t take you long to get the hang of how much to use and when

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